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The assembly of the printed-circuit-boards
The assembly of various types of cables
 Company History

Company History
Our Mission

The enterprise A/S «ALTON» was organized in 1993 and was a part of the big electronic industry association A/S ALFA. In 1996 the enterprise was transformed into an independent stock company.

The main directions of the A/S ALTON activity on the electronic techniques market are the following:

♦ The contract assembly of the electronic devices;
♦ The contract assembly of the cable units;
♦ The development of the electronic devices upon the customer's demand;
♦ The products output of the own development;

There are being carried out the following types of the work:

            The assembly of the printed-circuit-boards
♦ There are 2 lines for assembly of SMD components, manual  and  semi-automatic cover of the solder pastes and glues. Modern wave soldering furnaces, a site of the visual control, a site of the manual  assembly
of printed-circuit-boards.

  Installation and assembly of various types of  cables 
♦ There are modern equipment for cable cutting, the
 preparation of the wires and cables,
tools for crimping
 and testing of the completed units


The main principles of our work:                                                           

♦ Supply of conformity of the manufactured goods upon the requirements of the customer;
♦ Carrying out the orders upon the terms indicated by the client;
♦ The priority consumers' demands;
♦ We work with any clients, big or small, it makes no difference for us.
♦ Cooperation should comply to the request of both parts;

Our company has a lot of highly qualified specialists with an experience that allowed us to provide the high quality level of the works.

We have got the business partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany, in Russia and Latvia.
Our capacities and presence of production spaces allow us to look to the future with optimism, we are ready to consider various opportunities of cooperation. 



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