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Our Products

The assembly of the printed-circuit-boards
The assembly of various types of cables
 Our Mission

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Our Mission

Our Mission.

  • Satisfaction of needs of our clients in the field of PCB, harnesses and cables contract assembly;
  • Maintenance of conformity of manufactured production to requirements of Customer;
  • We work with any client. We don't divide customers on favourable and unfavourable.

The main directions of A/S "ALTON" activity are electronics and assembly of cable production.

We offer our clients the contract assembly of printed circuit boards, electronic blocks and units, as well as assembly of harnesses, cables and wires.

The collective of the enterprise includes more than 50 highly skilled experts of various specialities with a long-term operational experience. Knowledge and experience of specialists allow to provide well-timed order processing and high level of quality.                                       


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